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Chocolate bread pudding

This dessert has under 200 calories with plenty of chocolate and cinnamon flavors    bethany

French Almond Chicken

A casserole dish with chicken, almonds and noodles in sauce.    bethany

Healthy swiss steak

Tender steaks in tomato sauce with veggies.    bethany

Beef Casserole

This is a tasty dish if you are in the mood for a meaty meal. It's also great as a dinner dish on it's own.    nikegirl24

Low fat Sundae

Try this easy to make dessert idea. It is low in fat, and it is better than your average sundae.    nikegirl24

Perfect Pita

This pita is a delicious idea for a meal. It has all the essentials your body needs, and is low in fat. Try it and you'll love it!    nikegirl24

Bell Pepper Chicken

A great recipe for a chicken stir-fry dinner idea. It is best when served over brown rice, or noodles, and tastes great too!    nikegirl24

Egg Bean Salad

This green salad is filled with egg protein, and beans to give it it's flavor. It is low in fat and good for a meal or as a snack.    nikegirl24

Cucumber Rolls

What a great healthy light snack for in between meal times. Cucumbers and cottage cheese are such a good combination, you'll be left wanting more!    nikegirl24

Vanilla Pineapple Shake

This is a great refreshment or meal on the go! It is low in fat, and easy to make. You can always replace the pineapple with your favorite fruit, and it still makes for a great shake!    nikegirl24

Low Fat Cranberry Pear Strudel

This Pear-Cranberry Pastry is a great treat for the holidays or as an evening dessert. It's light and crispy making it a great replacement to regular pastries. Baking with Phyllo Dough – which is low in fat, and has no cholesterol, makes this dessert all the worth trying!    nikegirl24

Pumpkin Cranberry Loaf

This loaf is great as a Christmas treat or anytime of the year. Baking with canned pumpkin is great because it's low in fat - ½ cup contains 25 calories, and absolutely no fat! The cranberries and molasses also make this loaf very tasteful.    nikegirl24

Asian Chicken and Beef Lettuce Wraps

These homemade lettuce wraps tend to be a favorite. They are also a healthy alternative to most lettuce wraps. Unlike most wraps that tend to be high in calories and fat due to the excess oil and fatty beef - these wraps are leaner, healthier, and taste great!    nikegirl24

Orange Pecan Asparagus

This tasty recipe can be served as a great side dish to any meal. Asparagus is much more flavorful with an additional sauce, and this one makes it worth trying. It is also low in calories and fat!    nikegirl24

Cranberry Orange Spinach Salad

This is a colorful tasty salad, good for any type of meal. It is low in fat, and you can add in any other fruits as you please.    nikegirl24

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